Assembly Instructions

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CONTENTS (13lbs fully assembled):

One (1) training bucket with lift-tab water plug (Made in USA)

Two (2) 26.5” lengths PVC pipe (side poles) (Made in USA)

Two (2) PVC elbows (Made in USA)

One (1) 16 7/8” PVC pipe (crossbar) (Made in USA)

One (1) Net with integrated nylon sleeves (Made in China)


ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS (please refer to diagram below):

1. Unpack parts. Stretch net before assembly. NB: Net continues to break in with use.

2. Insert each 26.5” length side pole into the pole receptacles at the top of the training bucket employing a twisting motion (use similar motion for dis-assembly)

3. Slide the side net sleeves of the netting system over the side poles

4. Attach the elbows to the tops of the side poles so that the elbows face inward

5. Slide the crossbar through the top net sleeve and attach both ends to the elbows

6. If desired for added stability, fill bucket with water no more than to bottom of fill hole, which equates to roughly 3 gallons of water (which weighs roughly 25lbs) 


In order to prevent injury from a ball or other player, wear protective lacrosse equipment when using the Shoot n Scoop. Jono Enterprises, LLC is not liable for any injury caused by the Shoot n Scoop.

Shoot N Scoop™