Four Shoot n Scoops set up in a square roughly 10 yards apart. Players line up. One at a time a player proceeds to each Shoot n Scoop in a Square path either placing the ball into the bucket (beginner) or shooting the ball at the net from roughly 4 feet away, and scooping up the resultant ground ball. Once a player completes a scoop the next player starts. Coaches monitor and instruct proper shooting and scooping throughout the drill.



Improve movement and agility by having players maneuver around the Shoot n Scoop, and help them conquer "turning the corner."

You make the shot, you take the pad/cone. Green = 1pt, Blue = 2, Yellow = 3, and Red = 4. Miss and go chase down the ground ball and return to your team, no points. Team with most points wins. So much fun they don’t even realize they are improving!



Get more players more touches with greater number of smaller teams and keep it fun with Hungry Hungry Hippos


Running the Shoot n Scoop Quad drill a coach can observe proper form of shooting and scooping of multiple players, and instruct as needed.



Beginners make 2 lines and run to each Shoot n Scoop dropping or throwing ball into Shoot n Scoop and scooping resultant ground ball, running under pole (optional) and proceeding to next Shoot n Scoop and repeating. Keep it fun!




Coaches get involved here and play defense as players try to dodge and score on a Shoot n Scoop, improving cradling skills and shooting accuracy.


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